Lily Pads

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The Story Behind…
Lily Pads

No matter how you size them up they are BIG!
Lily Pads known as The Giant Water Lily…
Native of the Amazon but we found them in Waimea, Oahu!
The Giant Water Lily lives up to its name!
  • Leaves 7 ft. in diameter!
  • Holds up to 300 pounds!
 Just the facts:
  • Scientific name is Victoria Amazonica.
  • Purple undersurface of leaves is a network of ribs.
  • Air trapped in between ribs allows the leaves to float.
 More about the flower:
  • Flowers last only 48 hours.
  • First evening flowers open as white.
  • Flower scent attracts a beetle that deposits pollen in the flower.
  • Flower shuts, trapping the beetle until the next evening.
  • Second evening flower reopens as purplish-red.
  • Beetle flies off to find another white flower.
Seeing is believing!
Add Lily Pads to your home décor with a custom print.
Available framed, unframed, museum back or canvas gallery wrap.
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