Furry Friend Barkley

June 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Furry Friend Barkley

Hello Furry Friends Out There…Remember me and my story?
It was all about telling your Mom & Pop about Babe’s Photos where they love making portraits of us.
This time it’s all about Barkley…my Best Furry Friend.
Remember how it is at Babe’s Photos…greeted at the door, free reign inside and out, bowl of water to quench that thirst, toys that squeak and those that don’t, Babe & Arlene’s antics to make us laugh and Arlene’s funny stories (wonder if she tells everybody the same stories?).  Oh, and Mom & Pop never forget those treats.  So the drill goes…pose, treat, pose, treat…can’t forget it.
So my BFF, Barkley, took me up on the invitation…for his third portrait session.  No memory lapse here.  Barkley knew the drill from start to finish.
Pose…front and center squeeze.

Pose…fashionista style looking at you.

Pose:  attitude…don’t you get it?

Pose:  don’t forget the ears…Barkley’s best.

This could be you and you could be my next BFF.  Don’t you just want to?
Tell your Mom & Pop to contact Babe’s Photos
You will have the time of your life….I promise!


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