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Destination - Superstition Mountains

The mystery…The Superstition Mountains, known as “The Superstitions” is located 40 miles east of the Phoenix metropolitan area.  According to legend, a German immigrant discovered a mother lode of gold in the Superstition Wilderness in the 1800s.  Several mines have been claimed to be the actual mine but none of those claims have been verified.  The legend and location of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine still presents a mystery to this day.

What is not a mystery…The Superstitions offer a beautiful and stunning backdrop for a family portrait.  With a carefully selected site by Babe’s Photos the beauty of the rock formations and desert flora will frame your family in this desert wilderness.  Add the right time of day to let Mother Nature paint the background with rays of light and the setting for your family portrait will be complete.

Babe’s Photos location fee and Arizona park fees apply in addition to a photo session fee.



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