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Did You Know?
Babe’s Photos Produces Commercial Imagery.

When it comes to products…
70% of shoppers look for 3 photos or more when shopping online.
(USA Snapshots 2017)

Always remembering that…
Quality product photography = Perceived product value

Part 3:  360º Spin Product Imagery

What is 360º Spin Photography?
360º Spin Photography technique captures a series of individual product images allowing rotation of the image revealing details on all sides of the product.

Software is used to compose these individual images into an interactive 360º display that supports drag/swipe to turn the object to the left/right. This causes the visual appearance of a fluidly rotating object.
Babe’s Photos 360º spin photography…
Offers 12, 24, 36, 48 and 72 image captures to produce various degrees of fluidity.
Image Sample Links
Cat 24 Image 360º Spin


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