The Story Behind - Sunbathing on Highway One

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The Story Behind…
Sunbathing on Highway One

Sunbathing on Highway One
Can you hear it…a symphony of harmonious sounds…bulls roaring, mothers barking and pups bleating!
Whether grouped in their colonies on land or as rafts in water welcome to the home and life of sea lions along the San Simeon coast of California.
Life for a sea lion starts with swimming and fishing lessons at just a few weeks old while learning to stay away from sharks and to survive storms.  Always by its mother’s side during the first year, the pup never fears if separated from its mother as her distinct sounds make her easy to find among hundreds of others.
By adulthood sea lions can dive deep into the ocean for food extending its hunt for 10-20 minutes at speeds of 18 mph.  Sensitive whiskers and an excellent sense of hearing and smell make navigating the waters second nature.
So take a stroll down the California coast along Highway One and listen for the symphony of barks, honks, trumpets and roars all brought to you by sea lion families of pups, mothers and bulls.
While you are at it, check out what is going on between two bulls way off in the background.
And think of Babe quietly setting up his  4x5 view camera on tripod, focusing cloth over his head, peeking through the viewfinder, assessing an up-side-down and backward image and saying to himself “Who says you can’t do wildlife photography with a view camera?”  Lucky for Babe he caught these sea lions snoozing although one did manage a wink.
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