Did You Know? Babe’s Photos Produces Commercial Imagery.

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Did You Know?
Babe’s Photos Produces Commercial Imagery.

What is Commercial Imagery?
Commercial imagery at its best captures high quality images of products, services and facilities to support a business brand with the impact needed to attract the ideal customer.
When it comes to products…
70% of shoppers look for 3 photos or more when shopping online.
(USA Snapshots 2017)
When it comes to product imagery…
Babe’s Photos showcases each business’s uniqueness with brand appropriate staging, lighting and attention to detail…for both catalog and feature images.
Always remembering that…
Quality product photography = Perceived product value

Part 1:  Catalog and Feature Product Imagery

Catalog Imagery…It’s has to be True!

  • True in color, texture, shape
  • Fully lit
  • No dramatic lighting
  • No props
  • Multiple views…top, bottom, perspective

Catalog Image Usage

  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Online marketing
  • Print catalogs
  • Print collateral
  • Annual reports
  • Letterhead

Feature Imagery…It’s all about the Sizzle!

  • Supports brand
  • Showcases features
  • Dramatic lighting
  • Enhanced with props
  • Special environment
Feature Image Usage
  • Website banners
  • Website home page
  • Product group headers
  • Trade shows
  • Advertising
Stay tuned for Product Imagery Part 2


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