The World in Black and White

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The World in Black & White

Ice on the RocksIce on the Rocks

Water Composition in B-WWater Composition in B-W

Color…it’s everywhere in our lives and affects how we see everything.
Did you know…
Red is the first color a baby sees?
…The world’s most popular color is blue?
…The safest car color is white?
Color affects our taste?
Yellow can make us dizzy?
What happens when color is removed leaving only Black & White tones?
Our world changes, we take pause and look more closely.
With no color distraction what pops out?
- Texture
- Tonal contrast
- Shape
- Form
- Light & Shade
- Patterns
- Emotional state
Look for these characteristics in Ice on the Rocks and Water Composition in B&W.
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