The Story Behind…Sunrise Mittens

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The Story Behind…

Sunrise Mittens


Tse’Bii’Ndzisgaii (Valley of the Rocks)… the Navajo name for Monument Valley, a Navajo Nation tribal park located in Arizona and Utah.  What a masterpiece of mesas and buttes molded over centuries by the hand of Mother Nature.

Sunrise Mittens captures the East and West Mitten Buttes, like two gigantic mittens with thumbs facing inward.  Rock layers of Organ Rock Shale, piled on with de Chelly Sandstone, topped with Moenkopi Formation and capped by Shinarump Conglomerate create a magnificent geological wonder.  Majestic scenic clouds roam above Sunrise Mittens, casting shadows below and adding to the drama of it all.

How Sunrise Mittens was shot:

  • Determine the azimuth angle for the best shot.
  • Take one 4x5 large format camera.
  • Pull the focusing cloth over your head.
  • Compose the image.
  • Insert one sheet of film (not a roll).
  • Cock the shutter…and wait…for the right light.
  • Capture it…It’s wonderous!
  • But here’s the real story.  Roll out of bed at 4:00 am and be there.
  • As Ansel Adams once said…the way to a perfect shot…f8 and be there!

Add Southwest flare to your home décor with a print of Sunrise Mittens.

Available framed, unframed, museum back or canvas gallery wrap.
Other images can be seen at
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