Upper Gooseberry Falls

November 12, 2019  •  1 Comment

Upper Gooseberry Falls

Upper Gooseberry Falls
Is that mud you ask?  No mud here…it’s peat…brown water draining out of the peat bog swamps.  Just Mother Nature’s way of painting the falls.
Located in the Gooseberry Falls Park, the Upper Gooseberry Falls is the gateway to the North Shore of Lake Superior.  The Gooseberry River was named after a French explorer Sieur des Gros-Eilliers or Anishinabe Indian name Shab-On-Im-I-Kan-I-Sibi…both translated to “gooseberries”.
Captured with a 4x5 camera the slow shutter speed turned the water in the falls a silky smooth.

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I like lots of falls that have near the mountains and recently I did visit the best place where lots of falls were. I read your blog and saw the photo and I am happy.
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