From Chips to Bones

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From Chips to Bones

If It Ain’t One Thing…It’s Another…
     ~ Roseanne Rosannadanna

At Babe’s Photos we are always excited to receive our next assignment…if it isn’t computer chips, it may be jewelry, gelato, bathroom remodels, quilt designs or even bones…
But no matter…it’s always in the details…
Image Creation
  • Remove distractions.
  • Clean parts/equipment.
  • Arrange parts/equipment.
Image Capture
  • Best lighting techniques.
  • Full depth of field.
  • Dynamic angles.
Attention to Deliverables
  • Fully retouched.
  • 11 JPG & full TIFF
  • Electronic delivery.
We at Babe’s Photos are equipped to photograph the smallest to the largest products using special equipment and techniques to assure accurate photographic imagery.  

We are ready, willing and able to photograph your products of any kind.
So as they say...
…Sock It To Me!
     ~ Judy Carne

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