National Dog Day 2019

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National Dog Day - 2019!

To all furry friends out there…National Dog Day is August 26!
Listen up!  Tell your Mom & Pop about Babe’s Photos where they love making portraits of us.
Let me tell you about it.
When we arrived at Babe’s Photos, I was greeted at the door and given free reign inside and out to sniff to my heart’s content.  No leash and no collar…I was free for sure!
Look for the blue bowl of water and all the toys.  My favorite toy was the football…sure trained Babe fast to throw it my way.  If you are not a football guy or gal just sit on the floor with Babe and Arlene and pick another.
Oh yes, don’t forget you are there for your portrait so check out the camera room where you will find a comfy rug setup just for you.  If the camera room looks scary with all those lights, not to worry…Arlene will look you straight in the eye and tell you funny stories…not to mention how much Babe & Arlene make you laugh when they go crazy knocking on walls, singing, throwing toys in the air.  They got it…my attention that is.  If all else fails, out come Henrietta and Elvis…with their squeaks my attention was front and center.
Now time for those pictures.  You know, Babe and Arlene learned my language so it was easy to understand them.  Have to say though…my Mom & Pop helped by bringing my favorite treats.  Pose…treats…pose…treats...great drill!
Before I knew it, it was a wrap until we met again to preview my great shots, if I don’t say so myself.  Dropped many hints to Mom & Pop but left it up to them to pick the best shot and best place to display my portrait at home…installed by Babe and Arlene.  Now when I’m lounging on the couch I look up and there it is…my portrait on the wall with the rest of my family.  How cool is that?
Tell your Mom & Pop to make an appointment with Babe’s Photos.  You will have the time of your life! 

Contact Arlene...she will handle it from there!


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